Hello! Thank you for contacting me. To speed up the process, I’ll explain how you can organize your tattoo or just get information: Please  fill these form in all the required fields and send with the required material attached. This is the only way we can get a general picture of the situation.
Incomplete forms will be categorically ignored.


    1-Explanation of the desired job. Indicate if you would like to receive a proposal from the tattoo artist, giving him freedom of expression for the realisation of the tattoo, to have a unique and exclusive work of his own style. Otherwise, explain your idea and be as detailed as possible.

    2-Specify area of the body

    3-Indicate what type of skin you have: light or dark.

    4-Colored tattoo or black¬n¬gray?

    5-Possible dimensions

    6-Ability to come to Naples?


    What time periods?

    7-Phone Number




    Before leaving the page, after sending the message, please wait for confirmation that your “message has been sent.”

    Note: ­I do not use the phone for work, so your number is required only in case of urgent calls from my office. ­Incomplete forms will not be considered. ­
    We do only unpublished tattoos; the style is that of the tattoo artist Roberto Lauro.
    The tattoo artist must be given creative license to elaborate on the base idea provided by the customer.
    ­We do not send drafts, etc.; the artist’s elaborations are to be visualized by the customer exclusively at the time of appointment.
    ­To make an appointment it is necessary to send a deposit by bank transfer, that will be indicated at a later time.
    ­Roberto Lauro tattoo studio, Via Acate, 47, 80124 Bagnoli (NA).
    ­The waiting list depends on the type of work required.