Roberto Lauro

Roberto Lauro was born in Naples in 1983, and even as a child he showed an interest in all those activities that require creative and emotional involvement. His journey was rich in interests, ranging from music to writing and sports, all the way up to Art, to which he chose to devote his higher studies, graduating in graphic design at the U. Boccioni School of Art. His curiosity for the world around him pushed him to leave and come back to Art repeatedly, and it is when Roberto began to study for a degree in Communication Sciences that he discovered a passion for the fascinating world of tattoo. In pursuing these two roads he was divided between the cynical, sociological objectivity of the university world in which he was involved and the irrational poetry and sense of freedom of skin art that feeds the spirit in the same way that his experience as a musician, author and composer did, but that had ­ by then ­ become a latent memory. After two years of experience in skin art ­ and about to graduate ­ in 2010 he opened his own studio in Naples: “Roberto Lauro Tattoo” in which he constantly grows both as a tattoo artist as an artist, also continuing his studies in painting, from which his passion and dedication is born. He has published a collection of 14 paintings ­ oil on canvas ­ titled “A thousand aspects of a spent scene.” Today Roberto Lauro still works at his studio and describes his work as a means to be able to express his emotions and moods, and considers immense the charm of being able to communicate with others by leaving something permanent on their skin.


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